About Me

Mary Margaret Chamblee is a name synonymous with dedication, expertise, and achievement. Hailing from Houston, Texas, and holding numerous pivotal roles in the orthopedic industry, her unique combination of clinical knowledge as a licensed pharmacist and her marketing acumen has seen her spearhead the development and expansion of three industry-leading companies. While her professional life is replete with accolades, her personal life is a mirror to her zeal, showcasing her love for family, unique travels, and creative ventures in home remodeling.

Professional Background

As the visionary of a prominent orthopedic products company, she has been instrumental in charting the growth trajectory and continued success of a leading wholesale supplier, MedStorz. Leveraging a comprehensive understanding of biomechanics with keen interpersonal skills, she ensures that the products and services offered by MedStorz not only meet clinical needs but exceed personal expectations.

After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, Margaret's professional journey began at Eli Lilly and Company. For eight years, she held the position of a Senior Sales Representative, where she not only achieved but set new benchmarks for performance. This phase saw her garner awards like Rookie of the Year, President’s Council, and five Top Performer Awards.

The new millennium marked a significant shift in her career. Together with her husband, she founded GeriMedical and, subsequently, MedStorz and Bright Billing Solutions. The success of each of these ventures was in large part due to her genuine humility combined with her unparalleled commitment to success and her uniquely innovative fortitude.

Academic Achievements

A proud alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin, she was not just an outstanding student academically but also a notable leader during her collegiate years. She held leadership positions in many campus organizations, including being elected as the President of the student body of the College of Pharmacy. She was also awarded several impressive honors including the Cactus Goodfellow Award and the College of Pharmacy Sheffield Award.

Charitable Ventures

While not explicitly mentioned, given Chamblee’s commitment to improving patient care and touching countless lives, it is easy to infer her active involvement in various charitable causes, especially those that align with healthcare and patient well-being.

Personal Pursuits

Raising Chickens

Her tryst with chicken farming stems from her childhood being raised in a small town in East Texas. Raising chickens brings out the “country girl” in this accomplished “city slicker”. She delights in observing their distinct personalities and the simple joys they find in their environment.

Adventurous Travels with Family

Having traversed to many European countries and other unique destinations within Africa, Russia, and Finland, she, along with her husband, believes in imbibing cultural diversity in her children from a young age. The family's travels are not just about sightseeing; they are about providing enriching experiences, historical perspectives, and instilling an appreciation of different customs and beliefs.

Passion for Home Remodeling

Her prowess in project management is not limited to her professional life. She has seamlessly transitioned this skill into her passion for home remodeling. Having been her own General Contractor for two complete home renovations, she relishes the creative control and the ability to visualize and execute designs that resonate with her traditional style.

Personal Life and Interests

Born on February 21, 1971, in Lufkin, Texas, Mary Margaret Chamblee is as much a devoted professional as she is a dedicated wife and mother of three. She seamlessly balances her demanding career with her role as a matriarch, ensuring her family experiences the best of what life has to offer.

Her hobbies give a glimpse into her diverse interests, from the rustic allure of raising chickens to the thrill of family travels to the creative satisfaction of home remodeling. Each of these interests stems from deep-rooted experiences and values she holds dear.

In conclusion, she is a shining example of a modern woman who excels in her career, passionately pursues her hobbies, and stands as a pillar of strength and inspiration for her family.


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