Mary Margaret Chamblee

Sales Manager, Orthopedic products

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Mary Margaret Chamblee is synonymous with achievement, dedication, and expertise. Originating from Houston, Texas, she has excelled in the orthopedic domain. As a licensed pharmacist with marketing flair, she has facilitated the growth of three top-tier companies. Beyond her commendable professional journey, her personal life reflects her enthusiasm, manifested through familial bonds, captivating travels, and innovative home refurbishments.

Professionally, she pioneered the growth of a renowned orthopedic products company, ensuring MedStorz products met clinical standards and surpassed individual expectations. She started with Eli Lilly and Company with a B.Sc. from The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, setting impressive sales benchmarks. Later, she, with her spouse, founded three successful ventures, showcasing her humility and innovative prowess.

Academically, she left a lasting impression at The University of Texas at Austin. Beyond exemplary academic performance, she emerged as a leader, even serving as the College of Pharmacy's student body President. Her achievements during this period were commendable, earning accolades like the Cactus Goodfellow and Sheffield Awards.

While her charitable engagements need to be more detailed, one can surmise her commitment to philanthropic causes, especially those promoting healthcare.

Her endeavors are intriguing. She finds solace in raising chickens, a nod to her East Texas upbringing. The act accentuates the balance between her urban professionalism and her rural roots. Travel, too, plays a pivotal role. She has ventured through Europe, Africa, Russia, and Finland with her family, emphasizing the importance of cultural immersion to her children. Her love for home remodeling also reveals her meticulous nature and ability to curate spaces reflecting her aesthetic.

Born in Lufkin, Texas, on February 21, 1971, Chamblee shines in her dual roles as a professional and a matriarch of three. The harmony between her demanding career and familial duties is commendable. Her hobbies, from rustic chicken farming to adventurous travels and home remodeling, provide insights into her multifaceted persona.

She epitomizes a contemporary woman, proficient in her profession, avid in her interests, and a beacon for her family.

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Mary Margaret Chamblee
October 5, 2023

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